One Stone Apparel is a social venture, meaning that the amount of positive impact we have is more important to us than profits.

Based on the idiom of killing two birds with One Stone, we aim to not only sell quality clothing but to also accomplish life changing objectives through the use of that clothing. Combining our efforts, with the efforts of those that surround us, the positive impact we can have is limitless!

Vocab-T is a One Stone Apparel initiative aimed at improving student achievement, helping teachers focus their efforts, and enhancing the overall learning environment in schools—all while changing the face of PE uniforms.

With currently more than 300,000 students participating in the Vocab-T program, we are witnessing how subtle well thought out changes in education can have a profound daily impact on the lives of students.

Thank you for learning about us and what we are accomplishing. See how you can help further the Vocab-T movement!