In 2007 we had an idea — help students increase their test scores, aid teachers in their efforts to more effectively teach difficult concepts, and add value to the school day while changing the face of PE clothing forever.

Vocab-T started initially through non-profit efforts and received positive media exposure as well as a high level of interest from schools. But with little in way of donations and a desire to meet the demand from interested schools, the strategy was changed, One Stone Apparel was formed, and a business that accomplishes good was created.


video from when we started


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La Times
Watching a bunch of gangly middle-schoolers hopping around in their gym clothes at 9 in the morning brought back all sorts of bad memories from my own junior high school days. Still, just by watching Wilmington Middle School students in phys ed class one day last week, I learned a valuable lesson about generosity, voluntarism and just plain common sense. read more…

Daily Breeze
UCLA student, Narbonne High graduate and Lomita resident Michael Bailey had a novel idea: print vocabulary words on P.E. T-shirts to improve test scores at Wilmington Middle School. Bailey followed up on a theory, fostered by a UCLA communications course, that people’s brains latch onto “visual cues” to process information. read more…