How it Works


We Make Ordering Easy!

Our pricing is straightforward and inclusive. There are no sneaky fees! NO set-up fees, screen fees, art fees, or anything else you have probably been charged for in the past.

Not only do we not charge fees, but with Vocab-T there is no charge for the data component of the program. The answer sheets are free, the analysis is free, and the online access to the results for both the students and staff is free.

Last but not least, there are no minimum order requirements and any re-orders that you submit are the same price as your initial order.

We told you it was easy!
From January to July we accept purchase orders for the upcoming school year. Your order can be made via: Email: or Phone/Fax: 800-265-5891

When submitting your order, make sure to include the following:

  • Color of Vocab-T’s and type of shirt (50/50 or heavyweight pre-shrunk cotton)
  • Color of shorts and type (mini mesh, football mesh, or heavy dry fit)
  • Date that you want the clothing delivered

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. If you would like a free sample of either our Vocab-T’s or shorts. Just let us know where to send them, and we will!


New Artwork, Old Artwork, No Problem.

New Artwork
We can ensure that your Vocab-T’s are not only exercising the minds of your students but that they also look good while wearing them. Let us create a new design on the front for you. Why not—it’s free!

Just Tell Us:

  • What you have in mind for the front of the Vocab-T’s
  • We will send you 3 different options to choose from
  • You choose one, and let us know if you want any changes made to it.
  • We make changes until you are happy

Old Artwork
If you want to keep your current logo…no problem! We will pay for you to send us a sample of your current clothing so that we can replicate the design and make sure you stay happy.


High Performing, Low Performing, Middle of the Road?
We Have the Vocab-T’s For You.

One of the most important aspects of Vocab-T is that everything is geared to your school. Before creating any Vocab-T’s for your students, we run a complex algorithm that takes several factors into account in order to make sure we are addressing your student’s needs. With over 7 years of data and hundreds of thousands of test results, the algorithm and accuracy keep getting stronger and stronger.

This is only one of the many reasons why we say Vocab-T is not just about vocabulary words on P.E. shirts. It is important that we use the right words for each school, test them to see where your students need the most amount of help, and adjust the shirts if necessary according to the results.


It’s not just vocabulary words on P.E. shirts

Each school receives a total of 100 different Vocab-T’s that cover multiple subjects. Yes, that’s right…100. This prevents repetition within a class period and ensures that your students are exposed to a broad range of words and concepts. We pay close attention to academic research being done each year, and the words we use are cross-curricular in the following categories:

  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Character Based Vocabulary
  • Physical Education
  • Math & Science Focus
  • State Test Prep
  • SAT/ACT (on request or based on results)

Fonts & Color
The fonts and the colors that we use to print the words and concepts are important. We have done extensive research as to which fonts and colors your brain quickly picks up on and correlates with academic information. For this reason we do not print in colors such as green, pink, or gold and we do not use large block letter fonts.



Quality Data generated through P.E. uniforms…AMAZING!

At the beginning and end of the year we deliver bubble answer sheets to your school, along with a master test copy that coincides with your Vocab-T’s. Although there are 100 words/concepts on the backs of the Vocab-T’s, we only test 50 so that the test is not cumbersome and the results are more accurate. Once the students finish with the tests, we pay for you to ship them to us, upload them to our website, and within 3 weeks the password protected analysis will be ready for you to view. In the analysis we will tell you the following:

  • Most and least known words
  • Top performing students
  • High, low, and average score for the school as a whole
  • Percentage of effort students put into the test
  • Grade level comparisons
  • Interesting findings unique to your school

Best of all, not only can every staff member access the results online, but your students can too! Your student will be able to view their results and see their improvement for as long as they are attending the school.

Students increase in knowledge…Vocab-T’s increase in difficulty
One special way in which we take an active role in student achievement is by continually raising the bar. If at least 85% of the student body show that they have learned a word or concept, we stop printing it and replace it with something more difficult the following year. At this time we also typically ask for teacher input as to which words and concepts they would like to focus on for the upcoming year so as to stay in line with the overall goals of the school.


Everything we do is carefully designed to maximize the amount of impact we can have. With over 300,000 students currently participating in Vocab-T P.E. classes, we are humbled and grateful that we are making a small shift in education that is positively impacting the lives of so many.

Join us in our efforts to make this happen faster and help as many students and schools as possible.

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